My Quilting Journey


Funny how things work out.  The first quilt top I ever pieced, and that was 26 years ago, I finally quilted just last year - just in time for our guild's annual quilt show (2014).  Imagine my surprise when Ring Around the Roses won a Blue Ribbon!


I didn't know a thing about making a quilt and didn't know there was such a thing as a quilt shop.  I just went to a fabric store and bought a couple of fabrics I thought (back then) were beautiful.  I must have seen a Drunkard's Path pattern in a magazine, don't really remember, but I made this quilt top and set it aside because I had no idea how to quilt it.


Not long after that I found a quilt shop.  Wow! I was immediately hooked and set about trying to learn all phases of quilting.  Along that journey, I found that I loved just about everything about quilting except for borders.  To do it right takes a lot of measuring, cutting, pinning, stitching, and pressing.


Over the years I started designing my own patterns and bought a longarm machine so I could quilt my own quilts.  Then I started quilting for others and that's when I discovered that borders are a problem for a lot of quilters. 


Enough already!  I started experimenting with what has 

developed into my Faux Border quilts and, as they say, the rest is history.


I am retired from the corporate world now, but stay busy designing quilts, writing new patterns, lecturing and teaching classes at quilt guilds, and teaching classes through quilt shops and in my own quilt studio.  (below)






























Quilts on this page are some of my early quilts.  As you can see, I went through quite a 'Conversion' period with Ricky Timms.  





















































































































Under the Stars - This is a BOM I designed in 2015