My Quilting Journey


Funny how things work out.  In 1990, I pieced my first quilt and, of course, had no idea how to quilt it.  I finally quilted that top in 2014 - just in time for our guild's annual quilt show.  Imagine my surprise when Ring Around the Roses (shown at right) won a Blue Ribbon!


I didn't know a thing about making a quilt and didn't know there was such a thing as a quilt shop.  I just went to a fabric store and bought a couple of fabrics I thought were beautiful.  I must have seen a Drunkard's Path pattern in a magazine, don't really remember, but I pieced this quilt and set it aside - not really knowing what to do next.


Not long after that I found a quilt shop.  Wow! After browsing through rows of books, patterns, fabrics and notions, I was hooked and set about trying to learn all phases of quilting.  Along that journey, I found that I loved just about everything about quilting except for borders.  To do it right takes a lot of measuring, cutting, pinning, stitching, and pressing.


Over the years I started designing my own patterns and bought a longarm machine so I could quilt all of the tops I had pieced but had never quilted. I started practicing on simple quilts for friends - their idea, not mine - and that's when I discovered that borders are a problem for a lot of quilters. 


Enough already! I started experimenting with what has 

developed into my Faux Border quilts. The quilts look like they have borders, but if you look more closely they are all blocks. I particularly like the faux border on the Focus on Circles quilt (shown just below text in this column). It allowed me to carry the "circles" out into the border without chopping it off. This pattern is available to download. Click on the SHOP tab above for more details.


Quilts on this page are some that I pieced and quilted. A lot of them are my designs, but not all. These days I stay busy quilting for customers and designing new block patterns and quilts. 

















































































































































Tropical Garden convergence quilt with large bright flowers on black background
Hidden 9-Patch quilt, 2 fabrics, from a magazine in the 1990s
Pacific Northwest Pinwheels, my design, has bears and trees quilted on the border, given as a wedding present to friends in Seattle
Storm at Sea convergence quilt, depicts a storm rolling up the coast with dark menacing clouds to left and light sky and calm waves to right (from a picture I took)
Geometric Shapes Quilt, convergence quilt variation made from one fabric, except for thin green strip inside border, has several tones of orange, red, blue, purple, yellow and green
Butterfly Migration, convergence style quilt with 29 appliqued butterflies, purple and green fabrics
Ring Around the Roses Quilt, blue ribbon winner, red roses and green leaves on black background, alternating with white, using Drunkard's Path block
Close up of free motion quilted roses on white background
Barnyard Animals, child's lap quilt using animal panels and log cabin blocks
A Little Off, lap quilt with quirky pinwheels, 2 fabrics
Connecting with Friends, red and white quilt using Friendship Star block
Paula's Puzzling Pinwheels, lap quilt with large colored pinwheels separated by small light pinwheels, puzzling because the points of the big pinwheels are in the block with the small pinwheels, concentration required
Under the Stars, 2015 Block of the Month Quilt, patchwork and foundation paper pieced
Focus on Circles Faux Border Quilt, paper pieced in rich shades of brown, red, gold, and cream
Peek-a-Boo Blocks paper pieced, faux border quilt, dark and light blue background with bright multi-colored fabric shapes as accents on blocks, 36 blocks, no borders

Under the Stars - This is a BOM I designed in 2015