Life has been exciting since I published Patchwork Partner in March 2015.  I started selling the book and teaching classes based on the book at my local quilt shop and quilt guilds in my area (east of Kansas City) then expanded to Kansas and once to Oklahoma. 


This book came about because for years, when I was making a quilt from a pattern of my own or a pattern I purchased, whenever I came across “pesky” units like Flying Geese I printed out a foundation pattern and made that unit.  Then I removed the paper and sewed that unit to other fabrics just as I normally would when piecing a quilt top.  A few years ago—always thinking of teaching—I came up with a way to make my techniques adaptable and reusable so quilters can use my method to convert patchwork patterns to paper piecing. 


This book is a tool meant to last and be used for many years, which is why I print it on 32 lb. smooth finish, opaque paper.  It is spiral bound so it is easy to place flat on a copier and copy the foundation patterns you need.  Ladies thank me for this all the time! Click HERE to purchase the book. Shipping is included in the price.


It is a 110-page book with detailed instructions and full color illustrations on how to convert specific patchwork units to paper piecing using my new paper piecing methods.  Instructions include how to figure the amount of fabric you will need and how to cut it out.  All of the math is done for you!  Just make a copy of the Fabric Cutting Chart and Rotary Cutting Table and fill in the data for your project.


Foundation paper patterns for ten different units in six different sizes are to be copied as needed, leaving book intact to be used for many years to come. Four variations of Log Cabin blocks in three different sizes are also included.  Fabric Cutting Charts are included for each size of each pattern in the book.  I fit as many patterns on a page as I can, so if you need a lot you will use less paper.  There are 382 foundation patterns in the book - yes, I counted them just out of curiosity.


This is book is great for beginning quilters but also for quilters who want to take their piecing to a new level or maybe just don’t enjoy making certain units and want to get them done and move on.  Quilters who are striving for more accuracy and those elusive perfect points will appreciate the “A Little Help” section of the book.


See photo of a sample page and back cover of book below.  You may not be able to read the small print on sample page but you can see the page layout.  Each of the ten different patterns will have a page like this and complete instructions and color illustrations on the following pages.

Patchwork Partner

Sample of one element's instruction page with fabric cutting chart
Cover of Patchwork Partner book

What quilters are saying...

Here's what quilters are saying about my paper piecing methods:


Loved the class, and the book is very well put together. The instructions are excellent. Paula makes the class fun and she goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone understands. Anxiously awaiting the next workshop.  

― Millie Sargent


I am a new quilter and struggle with accuracy. Paula taught me the paper piecing technique and my points are perfect with minimal effort. Those flying geese march in a straight pointed line just like they are supposed to. It is actually a fun technique and one that I have already used on another project. Thank you Paula for all of your info and patience with me.  

― Maria Schieber


I love the tiny units to make mini quilts with perfectly formed seams. Paula’s cutting guide chart makes any project a breeze. Paper Piecing is a fun and easy way to get  perfect blocks every time. 

― Cheryl Tilly


After learning Paula’s paper piecing technique, I made a beautiful pinwheel quilt with Flying Geese units. My points were perfect! It was something I never knew I could do. Paula puts the fun back in quilting! 

― Robin Bennett


I am so excited to be able to make a block that has great corners and just looks good. Many people can make great blocks...I am not one of them. I need the assistance of your book to give me the tools that I need to make my blocks look great. I just want to be proud of my quilt when it is finished. Thank you for your great book and for being a great teacher and person. 

― Gayle Parks


Finally, a book on paper piecing that makes sense! 

― Jane Soendker


Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the class and did a 6x8 mini with the 2x4 flying geese. Your book is so thorough and handy! 

― Cheryl Craig


Back cover of Patchwork Partner book, shows extra 4 log cabin blocks and samples of small quilts