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2018 Oh Christmas Tree Pattern - Click on SHOP to purchase pattern

Today is my day to reveal my row pattern.

Today it is my turn to reveal my Christmas Caroling row pattern. My pattern illustrates the Christmas carol "Oh Christmas Tree". My inspiration for this row came from a rural road I used to drive near Seattle. Every year I would see this one evergreen tree near the road - no houses nearby - that someone had decorated. It touched me that someone did that just for the joy of sharing it with others.

Special thanks to Marian Pena, seamstobesew.com, for all the months of hard work to pull this event together and for answering endless questions from designers. Special thanks also to Northcott Fabrics for providing fabrics to designers! The fabrics I chose are listed later in this post.

I did two versions of my row - this is the traditional row I made using my own fabrics to test my pattern while waiting for the Northcott fabrics to arrive.

Traditional Row

This is the contemporary row using Northcott fabrics plus some from my stash. I could not resist the Christmas tree lights fabric and the little woodland animals. The snow and the bridge fabric were also provided by Northcott.

I used Shiva paint sticks to highlight all of the ridges in the snow that adds the depth to the pattern. Instructions are shown in the pattern as well as suggestions for other ways you could shade along the ridge lines. If you don't want to try this you could cut paper pattern along the lines and make applique patterns. This was fun to do. I hope you will try it.

Once I got the background shaded I used Steam-a-Seam II Lite and started applying my applique elements in this order: stream, rocks, bridge, bare trees, and then evergreens. You will print out a paper working copy to help you with the placement.

The pattern provides patterns for all the trees - both traditional and contemporary. I used the same pattern for all of the trees (just decreasing or enlarging) but note that each has a little different shape - you do that while you are cutting them out, just shaping them as you go.

I used the following fabrics donated by Northcott:

Toscana 9020-93 Mottled gray on bridge

Best Tree on the Lot 21760-73 Lights on Christmas tree

Santa Clause in Coming to Town 9020-10 Mottled white for snow

Magic of Christmas 21700-42 Woodland animals

My favorite part of making the traditional row was decorating the tree, and this is where you have to think outside the box. I went through my stash - and those of my friends - to find ornaments that I could use. Some were the right size and some were not. To get them to the scale I needed, I took a picture of the fabrics and went into Photoshop, scaled them down, and then printed them out on a sheet of fabric. This applies to the little woodland animals in the contemporary row also. I had to scale them down a bit and rotated some of them so they were facing in the right direction to look at the tree and then printed them on fabric.

To do all of the trimming of applique elements, you will need a very sharp pair of scissors with a good point.


You may download this pattern FREE thru October 4th

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