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Play and Learn Quilt

Updated: Aug 24

What better way to get a child interested in learning than making them a warm, cuddly quilt that teaches them colors, shapes, numbers, ABCs and even left and right hands and feet. Let's get the conversation started! I've had so much interest in this pattern, I set everything else aside to get it done the last couple of weeks. I have proofread and made changes about 15 times so I hope hope hope there are no mistakes. Having said that, if you see any mistakes or just have questions, jot it down in a comment below and I will get back to you. You can also use the Contact Me form.

I've been designing this quilt in my head for a long time, and when I finally got it made I wanted to see how a toddler would react to it. We don't have any little ones in the family right now so I "borrowed" one. We met at a friend's house and put the quilt down on the carpet. When we showed it to her, she literally dove for it and rolled around. Couldn't have been more perfect. Her mom had her dressed so cute and she was adorable when we told her to find different shapes and colors. Of course she didn't get any right but that's what the quilt is for - to teach her. Exactly what I wanted to see!

I can't wait to see pictures of quilts and toddlers, and hear some cute and funny stories. Please stop back and share. I'm not sure if you can upload pictures in the comments, but you can email them to the address on the last page of the pattern.

This shows the pieced binding. This was an idea from another quilter, and it takes a little time to do, but I think its adorable. Your choice, also on lots of other options in this pattern.

Nap time. I can see lots of snuggling in this good sized quilt - 55" x 55"

My friend Sandra, 5'8" tall, also models the quilt, and you can see what a nice size it is.

I quilted this so it would be very dimensional, and it did seem to be quite interesting to my little model. You can't see it (and I worked hard at that) but I meandered throughout the border, winding around and in between the letters. Once in a while I stitched over a letter but not too much.

Hmmm, do you think Athena, my little model, might have the makings of a grownup model? She already has a name for modeling.

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